Advanced Marketing Professionals Weapons | Landing Page Design Strategy

Here's the details of what you need to do for your landing pages. They need to be simple to accomplish the goal. Here is a simple list of adjustments you can use to help create a landing page design that is more productive and financial rewarding.

Make it drop dead simple for users to know they have landed at the right place. The easiest method of accomplishing this is to make your title of your page the same as your ad title.


Photos can do wonders for the look of a page however, too many can be a distration. Keep in mind that as well as good imagery you also need make good use of white space. Landing page design with too many distracting photos defeat the purpose which is to get the user to pay attention to the stuff where they need to take action.

Your forms are one of the most important elements on the page and the #1 mistake most make is adding too many form fields that discourage the user from filling it out. Do not try to capture a bunch of unnecessary info like address unless you are giving away something of high value.